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  • Shenzhen Bente Circuit Limited

  •  [Guangdong,China]
  • Business Type:Distributor/Wholesaler , Manufacturer , Service
  • Main Mark: Americas , Caribbean , East Europe , Europe , North Europe , Oceania , West Europe , Africa , Asia , Middle East , Other Markets , Worldwide
  • Exporter:91% - 100%
  • Certs:ISO9001, ISO14001, RoHS, ISO/TS16949, UL
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Shenzhen Bente Circuit Limited

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About Us

Shenzhen Bente Circuit Limited is a manufacturing enterprise that be engaged in high density multilayer special type and prototype PCB including HDI high frequency RF board AL base Cu Base high Tg thick copper thick gold halogen free etc We specialize in quick turn PCB prototypes small medium volume PCB Shenzhen Bente Circuit Limited with more than 450 highly trained employees and a facility area of more than 15 000 square meters we re able to achieve monthly output 40 000 square meters With advanced imported equipment we can make high precision high density high reliability PCB Our PCB are widely applied in communications industrial control power electronics medical equipment security...

Categories and Products

Standard PCB

Gold Finger 2 Layers FR4 PCB Standard PCB ENIG Red Ink 2 Layers PCB FR4 Tg135 Standard PCB HASL lead free Standard PCB 2 Layers PCB HASL Lead Free PCB FR4 Tg135 Standard PCB 4 Layers PCB FR4 Tg170 Ultralong BentePCB 2 Layers PCB HASL lead free PCB Standard PCB FR4 Tg135 1 Layer PCB Standard PCB HASL Lead Free FR4 Tg135 PCB FR4 Tg150 PCB Standard PCB Bare board 2 Layers PCB Standard PCB 1 Layer PCB FR4 Tg135 PCB HASL Lead Free Electrolytic Gold Standard PCB 2 Layers PCB FR4 Tg135 PCB FR4 2 Layers PCBStandard PCB ENIG 2u" Thick Board 2.4mm Immersion Tin 2 Layers FR4 PCB Standard PCB Tapered Holes 2 Layer PCB FR4 Tg150 Ultra-thin Large Board 1oz ENIG 2U 2-Layers FR4 Tg135 Simple Double Panel 1oz FR4 Tg150 Simple Double Panel 2-Layers 3oz 1oz Simple Double Panel FR4 Tg150 ENIG 3u ENIG 2u Simple Double Panel 1oz FR4 Tg150 2-Layers PCB Simple Double Panel 1oz BentePCB TIN 2-Layers Simple Double Panel FR4 Tg150 BentePCB 1oz ENIG 2u BentePCB 4-Layers Simple Double Panel FR4 1oz 2-Layers PCB Simple Double Panel FR4 Tg150 ENIG 2u 

Aluminum PCB

1 Layer PCB Aluminium PCB Metal PCB ENIG Aluminum PCB 1 Layer PCB Aluminum Base ENIG 1u" Aluminum PCB HASL lead free 1 Layer PCB Aluminum Base Highly Luminous LED Lamp 1 Layer Aluminum PCB LED Lamp HASL Lead Free Aluminum PCB 1 Layer 1-Layer PCB Single Aluminum Base Plate ENIG 2u 

Multilayer PCB

4Layers FR4 TG150 Multilayer PCB Immersion Tin FR4 Tg150 Multilayer PCB 4 Layers PCB ENIG 3u" BentePCB Immersion Tin 4 Layers PCB FR4 Tg150 Multilayer PCB BGA 4 Layers PCB FR4 Tg150 Multilayer PCB HASL lead free BGA 4 Layers FR4 Tg150 Multilayer PCB IT180 Multilayer PCB 4 Layers PCB ENIG 3u" Multilayer PCB 6 Layers FR4 Tg170 PCB ENIG 3u" High TG PCB 4 Layers PCB ENIG Bare board FR4 Tg135 PCB Multilayer PCB 4 Layers PCB Multilayer PCB ENIG Purple Ink FR4 Tg135 PCB 4 Layers PCB Red Ink Multilayer PCB FR4 Tg150 PCB ENIG 4Layers PCB Impedance Control Multilayer PCB Intelligent Security Equipment 6 Layers Multilayer PCB 4 Layers FR4 Tg135 Difficulty Multilayer Board 1oz 4-Layers Difficulty Multilayer Board 2oz PCB ENIG 2u 4-layers PCB FR4 Tg150 Multilayer PCB Board 8-layers Multilayer PCB FR4 Tg170 PCB ENIG 5u ENIG 2u PCB IT180 Multilayer PCB 8-layers ENIG 3U Multilayer PCB FR4 Tg150 PCB 1oz 6-Layers Multilayer PCB Board FR4 Tg150 ENIG 2U 6 Layers Multilayer PCB 1oz ENIG 2U 

Prototype PCB

Prototype PCB 2Layers PCB TG135 Thick Board 2 FR4 Layers PCB HASL lead free Prototype PCB Carbon oil Impedance Control FR4 Tg150 Prototype PCB 4 Layers PCB ENIG IT180 Prototype PCB 2 Layers PCB ENIG 3u" BentePCB Black Ink 2 Layers PCB Prototype PCB FR4 Tg135 ENIG Prototype PCB Black Ink 2 Layers PCB FR4 Tg135 PCB ENIG HASL lead free 2 Layers PCB FR4 Tg135 BentePCB Prototype PCB ENIG 2 Layers PCB 1.6mm FR4 Tg135 PCB 2 Layers PCB FR4 Tg135 PCB HASL lead free BentePCB ENIG 2 Layers PCB FR4 Tg150 PCB BentePCB Tg150 PCB Prototype PCB 2 Layers PCB HASL lead free Prototype PCB 2 Layers 3.2mm FR4 PCB ENIG 2u" Thick board Ultrathin Small CNC Slot 2 Layer Prototype PCB Big size 2 Layer Prototype PCB ENIG Signal Adaptor Small PAD of BGA 6 Layer Multilayer PCB Tablet PC Big Size Ultrathin Prototype PCB Security Equipments Prototype PCB 2 Layers FR4 ENIG Small Single Size Board 2 Layer Smart Gadgets PCB Industrial Control Equipment Board 8 Layer Prototype PCB Ultrathin Oversize Board 4 Layer High TG PCB 

Quickturn PCB

2Layers FR4 Quickturn PCB HASL lead free 2 FR4 Layers PCB Quickturn PCB Ultrathin Matt Black Ink Quickturn PCB 2 Layers FR4 Tg135 PCB ENIG 2u" BentePCB Immersion Sliver 2 Layers PCB FR4 Tg150 Quickturn PCB 2 Layers PCB Quickturn PCB FR4 Tg150 Immersion Tin FR4 Tg135 Quickturn PCB 2 Layers PCB Immersion Sliver Immersion Tin 2 Layers Quickturn PCB FR4 Tg135 PCB Quickturn PCB 4 Layers PCB FR4 Tg135 ENIG 2u" 2 Layers PCB Quickturn PCB FR4 Tg135 Tapered Holes 4 Layers ENIG Quickturn PCB Industrial Control Equipment Power Electronics 2 Layers Thick Copper Quickturn PCB FR4 Tg150 Quickturn PCB 4 Layers 1oz Cheap Price 2.0mm Quickturn PCB From Shenzhen Customized Brand Industrial Controller Quickturn PCB Factory Price HASL LF Quickturn PCB By SF Online Market HASL LF Quickturn PCB UL 2 Layers FR4 Quickturn PCB By SF Fast Delivery TG135 Quickturn PCB No MOQ Free Sample 2 Layers Quickturn PCB Paypal Sample HASL LF Quickturn PCB From Shenzhen 

Metal PCB

Copper Base 2 Layers PCB Metal PCB White Ink Thick Board 1 Layer PCB Copper base PCB ENIG Metal PCB Copper base Metal PCB ENIG 1 Layer PCB ENIG 1 Layer PCB Metal PCB Copper base PCB 1 Layer Copper Base Matel PCB ENIG LED Lamp 

Low Cost PCB

Low Cost PCB Immersion Tin 2 Layers PCB FR4 Tg135 2 Layers PCB Low Cost PCB FR4 Tg135 HASL lead free Low Cost PCB 2 Layers FR4 Tg135 PCB HASL lead free Black Ink 2 Layers PCB Low Cost PCB FR4 Tg150 ENIG 2u" FR4 Tg135 PCB Lost Cost PCB 2 Layers PCB ENIG 2u" 2Layers PCB FR4 Low Cost PCB Long Strip 1Layer PCB FR4 TG135 Low Cost PCB Carbon oil Long Strip 2 Layers PCB FR4 Tg135 PCB Low Cost PCB ENIG Black 2Layers PCB FR4 Low Cost PCB ENIG FR4 Tg135 Low Cost PCB 1 Layer PCB HASL lead free Low Cost PCB 1 Layer PCB Copper base PCB ENIG 2u" 4-layers Low Cost PCB FR4 Tg135 ENIG 3U FR4 Tg135 Low Cost PCB 1.5oz BentePCB 2-layers FR4 Tg135 Low Cost PCB 2-layers PCB ENIG FR4 Tg135 Low Cost PCB 1oz 2-layers High-end Customized FR4 Tg135 Low Cost PCB ISO 9001 Direct Factory Price White Ink Low Cost PCB from Shenzhen ODM Brand FR4 Tg135 Low Cost PCB Factory Cheapest Wholesale HASL LF Low Cost PCB No MOQ Online Market Game Handle Low Cost PCB Band 


8Layers HDI PCB FR4 Tg170 Impedance Control BGA ENIG HDI PCB 4 Layers FR4 Tg170 PCB Buried/Blind Hole 8 Layers HDI PCB FR4 Tg170 ENIG 3U" BGA Buried/Blind Hole Impedance Control 10 Layers PCB IT180 HDI PCB ENIG 2u" BGA Blind/Buried via 8 Layers Prototype PCB Hole in PAD FR4 Tg170 HDI PCB ENIG 8 Layers HDI PCB HASL LF FR4 HDI PCB Thick Gold 12 Layers HDI PCB Blind Via Tg180 HDI PCB Navigation Equipment Tg170 HDI PCB 12 Layers 10 Layers HDI PCB With Black Ink 12 Layers HDI PCB for 1.6mm 8 Layers HDI PCB ENIG 3u Tg170 HDI PCB ITEQ 6 Layers HDI PCB By FedEx HDI PCB LED PCB Boards HDI PCB SMD Stencil HDI PCB Thick Copper PCB Inexpensive and High Quality HDI PCB 

Flexible PCB

Printer Flexible PCB Impedance DuPont Polyimide 2 Layers Flex PCB ENIG Golden Finger BentePCB 2Layers Flexible Board ENIG Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 2Layers Flexible PCB ENIG Material DuPont PI Flexible Hybrid Board ENIG 2 Layers High-precision Flex board 2layers ENIG Yellow Soldermask BentePCB Flexible PCB 2 Layers Yellow Soldermask 2Layers Flex Boards Medical Green Solder Mask Flex PCB Golden Finger High Precision Transfer Interface Flex PCB 1 Layer Golden Finger 20U" High Precision High precision Button board 2 layers Flex PCB Golden Finger Industrial Control Flexible PCB 2 Layer Golden Finger Gold Plating 30U" 1OZ 2 Layers Flexible board BentePCB ENIG 3U" Flexible board 1OZ 2 Layers Printer 2 Layers Impedance Control Flexible PCB Industry 2 Layers High-precision Flexible PCB Coil Circuit Flexible PCB Impedence Control DuPont 2 Layers Flexible PCB ThinFlex PI ENIG 

Flex Rigid PCB

4 Layers Rigid-Flex board ENIG Applications Industry Green Flex Board Polyimide With FR-4 Stiffener High-precision 4Layers High-precision Rigid-Flex PCB ENIG Rigid-flex PCB 8 Layers High-precision ENIG Bule High-precision Rigid-flex 4Layers PCB ENIG 2Layers ENIG Flex Hybrid Board With Steel Sheet Stiffener 2layers Flexible Board With 2.0mm FR4 High-precision Flex board FR-4 stiffener ENIG High-precision 2 Layers High-precision 4 Layers Medical Apparatus Rigid-Flex Board 

Thick Copper PCB

ENIG 2 Layers PCB FR4 Tg135 Thick Copper PCB FR4 PCB Thick Board Thick Copper PCB ENIG Black 2 Layers FR4 Tg170 PCB Thick Copper PCB ENIG 3u" Thick Gold Thick Copper PCB 2Layers TG170 PCB Immersion Silver Thick Copper PCB 2Layers TG170 High TG PCB Thick Copper PCB 2 Layers PCB FR4 Tg150 ENIG Tapered Holes Matt Green 2Layers TG150 Thick Copper PCB 2-Layer PCB FR4 Tg150 Thick Copper 3oz 4oz Thick Copper 2 Layers FR4 Tg150 5oz 2-Layers Thick Copper FR4 Tg150 PCB 3oz Thick Copper PCB FR4 Tg150 2-layers 5oz Thick Copper PCB FR4 Tg135 2-layers FR4 Tg150 Thick Copper PCB 6oz PCB 2 Layers 2-layers Thick Copper PCB FR4 Tg135 PCB 5oz 2-layers Thick Copper PCB 5oz PCB FR4 Tg135 4oz Thick Copper PCB FR4 Tg135 PCB 2-layers FR4 Tg135 Thick Copper PCB 2-layers PCB 4oz 4oz Thick Copper PCB 2-layers PCB FR4 Tg135 2-layers PCB FR4 Tg175 Thick Copper PCB 8oz FR4 Tg150 Thick Copper PCB 2 Layers PCB 5oz 

High-Tg PCB

High TG PCB 4 Layers PCB FR4 Tg170 HASL lead free Black Ink 6 Layers IT180 High TG PCB ENIG Thick Gold BGA High TG PCB Impedance Control 6 Layers FR4 Tg180 PCB ENIG High TG PCB Impedance Control 6 Layers PCB FR4 Tg170 PCB Red Ink 4 Layers PCB IT180 High TG PCB ENIG 3u" Thick Gold ENIG 4 Layers PCB FR4 Tg170 PCB High TG PCB BGA IT180 4 Layers PCB High TG PCB ENIG 3u" Consumer Electronic 4Layers PCB FR4 TG180 High-TG Thick Gold 4 Layers PCB FR4 Tg175 PCB High TG PCB ENIG 3u" High-TG PCB Dumb Green Ink High-TG PCB Flexible PCB High-Tg PCB SMD Stencil High-Tg PCB HDI PCB Tg170 High-Tg PCB ENIG 2u High-Tg PCB Quick Turn PCB High-Tg PCB Dark Blue Ink High-Tg PCB Immersion Tin High-Tg PCB Thick Gold High-Tg PCB HASL LF High-Tg PCB Household Appliances 

High Precision Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB FR4 ENIG Impedance Control High Precision Multilayer PCB HASL Green High-precision Multilayer PCB 6Layers Purple OSP 4 Layers PCB FR4 Tg150 Multilayer PCB BGA IT180 Multilayer PCB Thick Gold 6 Layers PCB ENIG 3U" FR4 Tg150 Multilayer PCB 6 Layers PCB ENIG 3u" Multilayer PCB ENIG 4 Layers PCB FR4 Tg135 PCB FR4 Tg170 PCB ENIG 6 Layers PCB Multilayer PCB Multilayer PCB 6 Layers PCB 1.6mm±0.1mm FR4 Tg170 ENIG 1u" High-precision Multilayer PCB 4 Layers PCB FR4 Tg170 ENIG IPC Class 3 High-precision Multilayer PCB 6Layers TG150 High-precision Multilayer PCB ENIG 8Layers Tg150 BGA Half Hole High-precision Multilayer PCB Impedance Control 4Layers PCB FR4 Tg150 High-precision Multilayer PCB Yellow FR4 High-precision Multilayer PCB 4 Layers PCB ENIG 2u BGA 6 Layers PCB FR4 High-precision Multilayer PCB ENIG 3u" Gold Finger 4 Layers High-precision Multilayer PCB 4Layers High-precision Multilayer PCB Gold Finger 6 Layers IT180 PCB High-precision Multilayer PCB ENIG 2u" 8Layers Board TG170 High-precision Multilayer PCB BGA 

Custom PCB

Sample Custom PCB Half Hole Impedence Control Custom PCB 1oz Modern Design PCB Custom PCB Red Ink Etching PCB Custom PCB IT180 FR4 Custom PCB HASL LF Electronic PCB Custom PCB 1oz Original Custom PCB ENIG 3u Express Delivery TG135 Custom PCB No MOQ FR4 Custom PCB Industrial Controller Custom PCB Thick Copper PCB Custom PCB Flexible PCB Custom PCB SMD Stencil Custom PCB Flexible PCB 35um FR4 PCB Custom PCB 35um HASL LF PCB Custom PCB Sample Custom PCB Blue Ink Brown Ink Custom PCB IT180 ENIG 3u Custom PCB TG175 TG135 Custom PCB Hole Copper Factory Price Custom PCB HASL LF 

SMD Stencil

SMD Stencils PCB Stencil SMD Stencils Custom Laser Cut Stencils Solder Paste for SMD Stencil SMD Stencil Metal Stencils 

Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB Metal PCB 1.6mm Heavy Copper PCB ENIG 3u 2 Layers Heavy Copper PCB Thick Copper Heavy Copper PCB 4oz FR4 Heavy Copper PCB 3oz Heavy Copper PCB Free Stencil Heavy Copper PCB High-Tg PCB Heavy Copper PCB Standard PCB Heavy Copper PCB Aluminum PCB Heavy Copper PCB Keypad PCB FR4 Tg150 Heavy Copper PCB 5oz Heavy Copper PCB Thick Copper PCB Heavy Copper PCB 4oz Copper 

PCB Prototype

FR4 PCB Prototype PCB Material White Ink PCB Prototype Aluminum PCB Prototype PCB Inductor PCB Prototype Heavy Copper PCB Prototype 1.8mm Thickness PCB Prototype Medical Equipment PCB Prototype Impedence Control PCB Prototype Standard PCB 2.0mm PCB Prototype Quickturn PCB FR4 PCB Prototype SMD Stencil PCB Prototype Metal PCB 2oz PCB Prototype Flex Rigid PCB Prototype Industrial Equipment PCB Prototype Gold Finger PCB Prototype Low Cost PCB Prototype Testing Equipment PCB Prototype Black Ink PCB Prototype OSP Surface Treatment PCB Prototype PCB LED PCB Prototype 


LED PCB LED Lighting LED PCB Aluminum PCB 2oz LED PCB Aluminum PCB 

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